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Children's Dentistry

   Your child’s first appointment to the dentist is the most important. They are never too young to visit and because we understand this, we endeavor to make you child’s appointment a pleasurable experience for both the child and the parent.

    Start regular dental visits early. This can prevent little problems from becoming big ones. Even if you are checking your children's teeth regularly. you do not have the special tools and training to see what a dental professional can.

   Encourage a positive attitude towards dental visits by following these tips: 

    1. Make appointments at time when your child will not be tired, preferably morning.

    2.Treat the visit as routine - don't make the visit the high point of the day.

    3. Avoid using negative words such as drill, hurt or needle.

    4. Answer questions honestly, but not too specifically. Dental professionals have special ways of explaining procedures to                 children.